My niece is my inspiration!

My niece, Audrey; She has always been my favorite. During her first year birthday, I didn't know what to buy for her. So I have decided to make it my own. By using Adobe Photoshop along with Fashion CAD that I have learnt, I have scratch out something special for her; a reindeer hat.

Inspired by her, it pushes the creative side of me to do more during my spare times. DIY requires a lot of time and creativeness and that is something I enjoy doing. I would consider it to be a practice and experience for my future kids. As much as I enjoyed it, I started off with something easy to do. Then goes into a bigger project.

I learnt that a lot of parents really want to organize the best birthday events for their kids. Something that is affordable and surprising. So I created this shop to bring good affordable prices of mascots for those parents who are looking into creating a surprising event for their kid's birthday. A lot of parents request for custom make design and that is what I will be able to do for them.

The complete custom work and satisfaction in parents receiving the item is what makes me happy in working in the shop.